Q: Are parents allowed to attend Elevate? A: Absolutely! We realize how important the parent – student relationship is, and Elevate strives to help parents in developing their teen’s personal growth. So, if you are a curious parent, we would love for you to come on out to an Elevate service and experience it first-hand!

Q: Do I have to be a member of Crossroads to attend Elevate? A: Absolutely not! Elevate is a ministry to reach every teenager in Pittsburgh. No matter what your religious background or status may be, Elevate is a place for you to feel welcome and encounter the never-ending love of Jesus in a personal, saving relationship with him.

Q: How’s this different than a traditional church service? A: Elevate is created to reach teenagers. The music is loud, the entertainment is sarcastic, and the teaching is relevant for the daily lives of teenagers.

Q: What’s the difference between a youth group and a youth ministry? A: A youth group is a group of individuals that focuses primarily on growing inwardly. A group like this is not concerned with non-Christian or unchurched teens. A youth ministry is primarily focused on reaching non-Christians with the good news about Jesus Christ. This type of ministry is missional about sharing love and hope with the outcast, marginalized, and hurting.