FOCUS, April 26-27, 2019

Check in begins at 6pm on Friday at Crossroads North Fayette (1000 Crossroads Drive, Oakdale, PA)


You can still participate and register by

  1. Calling the office at 412-494-9999 or

  2. Complete the registration form and bring a check to the office.

*Please reach out to a Crossroads Church staff member if a student is seeking a needs-based scholarship.



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FOCUS is an event designed to challenge teenagers to step out and bring hope to our communities. Together, we will bless others and serve them in practical ways. Small acts of kindness done with great love will change our city – that is our mission.

FOCUS starts on Friday night with a high energy program.  Saturday is spent volunteering at a local service project.  Two adults will supervise the students at all times while at the job site. During the work time, they will be provided lunch.  All work crews will meet back for dinner and a closing program before parent pick up on Saturday night.


A Parent’s Perspective

April 26-27, 2019

Expectations for students:

FOCUS is a wonderful opportunity for students serve and grow in their faith.  The spiritual experience for each person is a vital part of the weekend, and we want every student to experience what God has in store for them.

In effort to maximize the spiritual experience for all, each student should understand a few expectations.

1.  Cell Phones.

If a parent is comfortable with a student leaving their phone at home, our team strongly recommends that students do so.   If a student brings their phone, there will be certain times during the weekend that students will be asked to put away and/or turn off their cell phones (including program gatherings, small group time, and after lights out).  

Parents will have the contact info of the youth pastors and the adult group leaders in case of an emergency, and students will be able to contact their parents in case of an urgent matter.

We hope that, by minimizing the distraction of social media and devices, every student will have a wonderful experience during the weekend.

2.  Weekend Participation.

All students are expected to arrive on time Friday night and participate until pick up time on Saturday evening.  This includes the Friday program, the overnight, and the job site and remaining Saturday activities.

Parents may speak with a staff person about extenuating circumstances and/or family emergencies that may arise.

By participating in the entire event, each student will fully experience the positives of the weekend.

3.  Student Conduct.

Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully towards others.  This includes demonstrating kindness and tolerance toward other participants and leaders.  Bullying, physical aggression, and disrespecting an adult leader will not be tolerated.  Students are expected to remain with their FOCUS group and adult leader at all times during the weekend.  The staff reserves the right to contact parents and arrange pick up if a student's behavior does not follow these expectations.  

Small Groups

Every student is a part of a small group of other teens and 1 or 2 adult leaders.

Registration information is used to ensure:

  • Groups are all gender specific (not coed)

  • Special accommodations for allergies are given priority, when noted

  • Small group size is limited to 6-7 teens.

  • Groups are organized by grade, where possible to keep similar ages together.

Adult Encouragers

Each small group will be assigned an Adult Encourager. The Youth Pastor(s) recruit the Adult Encouragers for the small groups. There will not be a small group of teens without an adult.

Adult Encouragers need to:

  • Have background clearances required to work with minors.

  • Assist the Host Home in providing transportation for at least some of the small group.

  • Be able to lead a group of teens and create a safe atmosphere to grow spiritually.

  • Be the primary leader, relational contact, and encourager of God’s love to the teens.

  • There also will be no gender mixing. This means female Adult Encouragers lead female teen groups and male Adult Encouragers lead male teen groups.

Service Projects

Service projects may include:

  • House cleaning

  • Yard work

  • Painting

  • Light Carpentry work


Breakfast on Saturday will be the Host Home’s responsibility. Lunch will be packed by the Adult Leader for the project site. Dinner will be provided Saturday night.

Host Homes

Each small group will stay in a designated Host Home from Friday night to Saturday morning.

Typically, these volunteers are parents of participants.

Special accommodations for allergies are given priority.

The Host Home will be a safe, positive environment and hosts must have the necessary background clearances required to work with teens.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, April 26, 2019

6:00pm     Students & parents check in at Crossroads

11:15pm   Lights out at Host Home

Saturday,April 27, 2019

7:30am    Rise and Shine

9:00am    Group arrives at project site  

8:00pm Pick up at WAHS

Drop-off and Pick-up Information

Drop-off: FOCUS student check-in will begin at 6pm on Friday, April 26th at Crossroads Church, North Fayette Campus, 1000 Crossroads Drive, Oakdale, PA Parents will be able to receive info about their student’s group and project site, and meet their adult leader.

Pick-up: Saturday, April 27th, 8pm at  West Allegheny High School (205 West Allegheny Road, Imperial, PA 15126).

What to Pack

□ Bedding – plan to sleep on the floor (sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, etc.)

□ Bible, pencil and/or pen (optional)

□ Modest work clothes (may get dirt or paint on them)

□ Closed-toe work shoes (may get dirt or paint on them)

□ Sweater or hoodie for layers

□ Rain gear (depending on the weather)

□ Work gloves (highly recommended)

□ Protective eyewear (highly recommended)

□ Dust mask (highly recommended)

□ Toiletries (as needed)

□ Prescription medications (as required)

What NOT to Bring

Alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs, e-cigarettes or similar parifinelia, Expensive clothing or jewelry. Fireworks, weapons or toy guns.  Video games, tablets, iPods, or other valuables.

(Audio device may only be used in sleeping area—not in public areas)

Please contact one of the Youth Pastors for any emergencies:

Andrew Miller 412-952-4131

Jack Merckel 724-562-6577